Tuesday, April 01, 2008

treasure seekers

today we finally planted some seeds. they are old expired seeds, so we'll see if they produce anything. but it was nice to dig in the dirt, and sit under the nurturing sun. i was pulling some dead leaves from under a plant, when i discovered this luminous plastic goddess playing a lyre. we have no idea where she came from. but i thought it a pretty special find.

we were thus inspired to pull out tashi's swank metal detector that she received for christmas. we wandered around the yard, digging holes whenever the device beeped at us. tashi was getting pretty frustrated, finding mostly nails, bolts and rusted bottle caps. the highlight of the bunch was a dog's vet tag.

and then we found a horseshoe! a horsehose, buried in our town yard. an old, rusty, slightly misshapen horseshoe. could it be hundreds of years old? did horses once graze on our little hill? or was it a child's lucky horseshoe? perhaps forgotten after a game of pitching horseshoes? it's hard to tell. but we thought it was quite a treasure after all the smooshed bottle caps and rusted wires.

what treasures lay under your lawn? in your heart? in the stories of your past? in the fertile field of your imagination?

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Mediterranean Views said...

Nice post, and love the provocation of your last paragraph. WIll have a think about those treasures...thanks,
P.S. Oh Virginia in the Spring...