Wednesday, April 16, 2008

hostessing with the mostessing

a late night post just to say hi. my dad and step-mother have been visiting. we've been doing things like eating virginia fried chicken, talking about films, taking drives in the virginia countryside, wandering in and out of thrift shops, enjoying the downtown mall, and exploring monticello and uva.

tomorrow our guests depart and then we dive headlong into the end of the week. my workplace is putting on several big events on friday and then saturday dan departs for india. yea. that's what i said. not indiana. i'm even going to let him borrow my digital camera.

i promise to check back in with a much more entertaining post soon. for now, this photo will have to do.

1 comment:

Mediterranean Views said...

Where was that photo taken??? It's too surreal (sp?) to be true!
Your daughter looks a lot like you Dad.
Love reading about Virginia in the spring,