Sunday, July 20, 2008


we've had a rather social run of days.

on thursday some friends from richmond came for the day. we had a lovely time splashing around at the pool and enjoying a picnic under the shady trees.

that evening, tashi, dan and i headed out to nelson county to make some new friends. we've been tracking one another virtually, and they kindly invited us out to their lovely self-renovated home. the house, and the land on which it sits, were even better live. we walked to a pretty creek, tasted wine berries, viewed an awesome mountain from under an awesome walnut tree, breathed in the silence, and appreciated the hard work this couple has put into making their home inhabitable and beautiful. we feel fortunate to have met with some very cool like-minded folks. and they can cook up a mean beet burger!

i do so love it when blogland goes live.

on friday after number-crunching sort of day at work, we had another dinner at a friends' abode. they served up some grilled salmon, and we made a group effort at a fine batch of fried okra. the full moon was dessert, as it rose bright and well cooked over our evening.

last night, after a too-hot-grouchy-day-barely-cooled-by-the-pool, surfzilla played at a friend's 40th birthday party. more good food and lively conversation, backed by some vintage tunes.

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Sunny said...

Great pics....
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Just passin thru,
Blessings have a great week.....
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