Wednesday, July 30, 2008

seeking shade

tashi really wants a playhouse. as we ponder the possibilities of home buying, she insists that a shed in the back yard is top priority. in the mean time, we remain in our rental, and the wish for a playhouse pervades.

a few sheets draped upon a narrow part of our deck did the trick yesterday. it sparked other ideas, like acquiring some sort of bamboo shade, that could be rolled out as a ceiling, and back in when tall people want to inhabit that part of the deck.

unfortunately a rather pesky xenox tigrinus was dive bombing us. i read that they neither bite nor sting, but this one really wanted the deck to himself. tashi has quite the aversion to bugs, so the peaceful time in her makeshift playhouse soon ended.

it was nice while it lasted, a tranquil moment in summerland light, a dappled pause in humid insistence.

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