Tuesday, July 22, 2008

mulling over mullien and other tuesday morning pastimes

this morning molly & i took a nice walk on the stretch of rivanna trail near her house. we were first greeted by this sweet turtle.

we were next greeted by tall mullien.

we also found feathers, st. john's wort and a cicada. the poison ivy, i hope, kept to itself.

on my way home i decided to make a quick stop at the salvation army, 'cuz you never know what treasures might await you. for me there were some embroidered pillow cases. the fabric is a bit yellowed with age. any suggestions on how to whiten up the fabric whilst preserving the embroidery?

and an oh so sweet little vintage tea cup.

and a very cute skirt for tashi.

when i arrived home i said hello to a sunflower just waiting to show its colors.

and a bright little bunch of nasturtium planted in a broken tea pot.

the garden is wee, but happy.

as if i need to waste more time on the internet, i've been trying to beat my high score on
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