Tuesday, July 15, 2008

blog lazy

tashi and i are puttering around before some long overdue haircutting appointments. feeling a bit of summer lethargy weighing me down, i'm finding it hard to get motivated. one big step i made today was calling a real estate agent (a friend's father) who seems incredibly helpful and is willing to meet with us to give us some tips. wow. we might actually pursue home buying!

what else has been happing on the range? appointments, swimming, chores, and a few fun plans. i'm hoping that soon we can launch ourselves into the wilderness for another camping weekend. we were hoping to make it to the coast in august. we had visions of a cosy cottage on some outer banks island. but i think it might be more like a tent pitched in a state park near virginia beach.

in the mean time, i've been blog lazy. i'm not posting much, and am even falling behind on my favorite blogs.

if you are experiencing similar summer lethargy, do occupy your time with this game! you will at least feel like you had an adventure of sorts.

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