Monday, January 19, 2009


we are having a peaceful, quiet MLK day, waiting and hoping for snow, which is seeming less and less likely. tashi and dan are outside raking leaves at this time, as i am enjoying light spill and stillness in our living room.

yesterday dan and i took a walk and had quite the session communing with some nearby farm animals. two horses, three goats and a llama all trotted over to greet us by a fence. i immediatly developed a special connection with one of the horses, a gorgeous lady with rust, black and a wee bit of white coloring. she came right over and nuzzled against me, the first time i'd ever experienced such affection from a horse. she touched my belly with her snout, and we were quite certain she was aware of the baby within me. and then we noticed she was missing an eye. her left socket was empty. this made her all the more mysterious and psychic. i can't wait to visit her again.

this mirthful little fellow stood apart from the others and seemed to be quietly laughing the whole time.

we also saw several vultures roosting in a tree and taking turns flying off in a variety of directions. they were massive and with incredible coloring in their wings. as we were gazing at the vultures, a falcon whizzed past us. oh how i love it here!

and then a subtle but incredible sunset.

life is good, and i am 26 weeks pregant!


angelictenderbutton said...

uncanny about that horse knowing about your belly - blind in one eye, yet in tune with new life. I love stories like that. The natural world's instinctual rhythms fascinate me. Great story!

tifanie said...

oh wow you look beautiful zoe! i love these photos. so inspiring. xo

Suzanne said...


Laura_M said...

Even when blurry you look amazing!