Tuesday, January 27, 2009

slush day

today was a snow day, or slush day i prefer to say. i had an appointment this morning, and after much indecisiveness, decided to dare the wintry mix. the first mile from my home was the worst, and the rest was just slush. again, the frenzy of closings brings a giggle to the part of me that lived through many a winter in bradford, pa, buffalo, ny, and ann arbor, mi.

but alas, what's not to love about a slush day?

there is the bit of snow that we've been yearning for:

snowballs hurled against windows and wee snow men built on the deck rail:

hot chocolate and catching up on magazines:

a cozy fire:

and finally, some sewing. tashi started working on a girl companion for her stuffed monster, fuzzawumble. i pulled out bend the rules, and started another baby blanket:

this blanket is for tashi, as she has wanted one since i started making them. i didn't sew when she was a baby, so i suppose this might fill an empty spot for her. i'll show you when it's done, but suffice it to say, i forgot how to sew a little. believe it or not, i didn't sew all summer or autumn, what with the heat, and the move, the nerve wracking first and second trimesters, and the holiday road trip. . . alas, it is about time.

the next blanket will be for baby boy, who is filling me up so much, i feel as if i might pop! wouldn't that be unfortunate!

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Suzanne said...

omg!!!! you look AWESOME!!! remind me of your due date again?