Wednesday, January 21, 2009

inaugural reflections

even though i have been expressing some concerns over obama's cabinet choices, and his stance on gaza and afghanistan, not much could cast a shadow over the ushering in of a new administration after eight dark years under the shrub. i can't imagine what the day would have been like had the man taking oath been mccain, accompanied by his trophy vice-president, palin.

the overriding feeling was one of relief. there were so many great moments: aretha, the delightful rendition of simple gifts, obama's knowing smile when the chief justice flubbed the words of the oath, and revrend lowery's benediction, to name a few.

i enjoyed obama's somber speech, which certainly paid tribute to the historical significance of being the first african american to become president, and which only mentioned the word terror once. i think he did a great job of poking bush in the eye, over and over again. while i wish he would have included buddhism and paganism in his list of religions, i appreciated that he mentioned without judgment non-believers in the same breath as christians, muslims, hindus and jews.

we had a festive inaugural dinner with friends. chili, cornbread, salad, followed by brownies and an amazing lemon bundt cake.

my hope remains, as does my caution. we shall see how things unfold, and at least rest knowing that perhaps government will be more transparent and less corrupt. praise be to our first african american president. this event cannot erase the chapters of racism writ in the book of america's history, but it does signify a huge step toward healing, a turning point to be sure.


angelictenderbutton said...

I like that Obama includes people in his cabinet that hold different perspectives in that he is inclusive and not threatened by conservatives. It's a wise move I think.

Zoe said...

i'm not sure how some of the change he promises will actually come to pass with some of the people he's appointed at the helm (ken salazar, tom vilsack?). time will tell.