Friday, January 16, 2009

an indoor kind of day

we're experiencing a cold snap here in virginia, with the temp expected to drop to 4 degrees tonight. in the three plus years that i've lived here, i don't think it's ever been quite this cold. unfortunately there is no snow to soften the chill, but there is a raging fire in our little wood burning stove.

today was a day of more sorting through tashi's old things. there are a few items i can't part with, and hope to pass on to tashi someday, should she plan to have children (well, even if she doesn't). i washed a load of these things, and turned everything pink by including a bright red garment in the bunch. i thought everything had been washed so often that there was no more bleeding to be had. ah well.

and then i shrunk my sling. i used a new native sling with tashi, made of nice organic cotton. apparently i always air dried it.

i did have a small success amongst it all, and that was in baking the amish friendship bread. i was given some starter and a recipe by a co-worker. the starter sits around for ten days in a ziploc bag, and each day you moosh it a little. somewhere in the middle of it all you add more flour, sugar and milk. it ferments and bubbles and makes a stink. and then on day ten you add some ingredients, pull out four cups for starters to pass to friends, add more ingredients to what's left, and proceed to bake the bread.

it's very tasty. and very sweet. with a wee bit of sour in there from the starter. i ate entirely too much of it. and will certainly be a repeat offender.

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Valerie 007 said...

7 below today and school was canceled due to wind chills of 20 below. Snow creaks when you walk on it due to the cold!