Friday, May 22, 2009

five minute post

i say that because the baby has been waking up every five minutes today. more daytime wakefulness is probably a good thing, so that he doesn't continue to stay up until 1am every night. but it sure makes it hard to eat lunch, clean the spit up off the floor, do the necessary load of laundry so that there will be diaper wraps, brush my own teeth, etc!

yet i am going to sneak in a blog entry, because i need to. i just need to check in.

oh and, we've learned something very special. the baby will fall asleep by himself if placed on the bed directly under the ceiling fan. last night i placed him there because i had to go to the bathroom (even taking a pee involves strategy). who needs baby mobiles when you have ceiling fans. anyway, when i came back from the bathroom, he was asleep!!!! i didn't sing to him, rock him, walk him or nurse him. the ceiling fan did it all. today, with his lack of settling, i did the same thing, and he fell right asleep, under the comfort of the ceiling fan! crazy, i say.

the weather is lovely, though i feel the impending virginia humidity making it's way.

yesterday i visited the barn swallow. a lovely place that i worked at when i first moved to virginia.

a place of reflections, wood grain and the colors of earth & sea.

a place of fragile beauty, amazing light and pleasing juxtapositions.

i always feel very much at peace there. except for all the things i wish i could buy but can't afford. . .

tonight we are going to a birthday party for a very special one year old whose birth i witnessed. i offered to make guacamole. and since i've exceeded my five minutes already, i better get on with it! wishing you all a lovely holiday weekend full of the tastes of summer.

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