Monday, May 04, 2009

a few good firsts

despite the monsoon we've had an active weekend of firsts for tristan. on friday he went to his first baseball game, in which tashi stole two bases and scored a point for her team (a first for her). it was an exciting game and her team won the tie breaker. tristan slept through the whole game of course.

on saturday tristan visited the farmer's market for the first time and met some vendor-friends in his sleep. i purchased this tiny painting of an aries by jeremy kirchgraber for our little ram.

afterwards, we had lunch at milano, where tristan met more friends (while sleeping still). it was a delicious, and affordable, lunch. i highly recommend their sauteed romaine salad with pine nuts and blue cheese. nyum. here are my loves at milano:

a while later we visited tashi's favorite store, alakazam, where we were given a free family pass for the discoveroo family music festival, slated for sunday in the pavilion! cool!

that night, tristan had a growth spurt. just like that. he was super cranky, wanted to eat constantly and was awake from 6:30pm to 12:30am. six hours of wakefulness? this was a first. i haven't weighed him again, but he's definitely put on some ounces!

on sunday, despite the fatigue, and the pouring rain, we got ourselves together and went to the discoveroo event, tristan's first music festival, which he attended in his sleep of course. it was an excellent little happening, indeed. it was somewhat ironic seeing bands with names like 6 day bender and the young divorcees singing children's songs.

in the mean time, our yard continues to be a place of floral surprises. can anyone identify the big hot pink blossom at the top of this entry?



baseball, food, growth, music & flowers, these are the good things in life!


Patience_Crabstick said...

The pink flower at the top looks like my peonies, only the leaves are wrong.

Sondra said...

Looks like a Poppy to me.
What fun outings for this family.
Good on ya, Tashi, That's a good one for the team.

Mediterranean Views said...

My first reaction in see that first picture was - Ahh peonies, they remind me of my mother and grandmother whose side flower beds were full of the full bushes. But I don't remember their leaves.
Am enjoying sharing your love and happiness in your family life. Good for you!
Amy in Spain

Zoe said...

i also thought the flower might be a peony, but the leaves don't seem quite right. . .