Friday, May 15, 2009

making me smile

* the way tristan smacks his lips when he's done nursing. good stuff that breast milk.

* that dan and i were able to catch up on some sleep while tashi was in nyc. no jumping out of bed at 6:45am to get her ready for school.

* the lady's slippers growing along our road

* tashi's excitement after the waldorf olympics in garden city, ny. along with her classmates, she climbed off the train with a metal around her neck and a laurel garland on her head.

* that it's friday, meaning my loves will be home all weekend, between band gigs and baseball games, that is.

* chai milkshakes

* that tashi has gained so much physical confidence through baseball this season.

* the white irises in our yard.

* my cat luna who walked down the road with us like a pet dog. she stopped obediently well before the main road, waited there until our return, and then walked home with us.

* free music. like the ginny pigdogs, a band that my friend/doula stasi york is in. we saw them at cafe milano last night before picking up tashi from the train station.

i hope your weekend is full of music, flowers, a favorite milkshake and people that make you smile.

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tifanie said...

wow. beautiful. all of it.