Thursday, September 03, 2009

homemade monday, on thursday

i had nothing to show for homemade monday this week, nor last week for that matter. but last night i made a ginger peach cake, so i thought that might qualify, a few days after the fact.

one day i was at whole foods and i picked up a ginger peach pound cake on sale in the bakery. the love affair commenced. moist, sweet, peachy (but not too), gingery and just right with a morning cup of (insert your preferred beverage here).

so i googled it, and though i didn't find a recipe for that specific whole foods variety, i found a very close proximity at this nice blog, my little kitchen.

after the offspring were in bed and i woke from my late evening nap slouched over on the couch, i baked a ginger peach cake, and ate a slice too. just perfect.

for breakfast too.

even if you don't like peaches (like tashi and dan don't!!!!), you will like this. the peaches lend moisture and sweetness and a peachy hue, but there is nothing fuzzy or slimy about the texture. personally, i love peaches. and this cake is a great bridge between my peach love and my family's peach aversion!

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