Wednesday, September 02, 2009

work wednesday

oh oh. i forgot my camera. so the before, during and after posts will have to be verbal this week. to give you an idea what my work wednesdays are like. hmmmmm, i guess i can use some extra photos from last week!

:: before ::

rise at 6:30am with the baby. nurse. pull on clothes and brush teeth while dan burps the baby. change the baby's diaper & damp clothing. make tashi's lunch while dan holds the baby. nurse. eat pbj on toast. change diaper again. drive to work with baby while listening to wtju, wnrn or 106.1 the corner. spend far too long looking for parking while the baby starts to whimper. walk half a mile once parking is found, wearing baby and carrying two big bags. observe the buildings, the trees, the students, the trash, the gardens, the businesses. kiss my baby's head. crave chai, but skip it.

:: during ::

put tristan in the bouncy seat while i turn on computer, get his sleeping area set up, fill my cup with water and wolf down a banana. nurse while checking email. change diaper. put tristan down on the lambswool for a nap. work like crazy while he naps. hope that he naps for three hours. if he doesn't, live with it. if he doesn't, bounce him on my knee, nurse, sway, kiss his cheeks -- while working all the while. sit on the floor with him if stuffing envelopes or reading documents. change diaper. bring him wide awake to a meeting but it's ok because he does nothing but smile. nurse some more. put him in the sling so that he falls asleep again. work. eat lunch. work. distract him when he wakes up again so i can continue to work. hand him off to eager arms. work. glance at facebook. work. prepare for departure as it's time to pick tashi up from school.

:: after ::

walk back to the car with lighter bags because lunch has been consumed and diapers have been used. observe the buildings, the trees, the students, the trash, the gardens, the businesses. sense tristan drifting into another nap. drive to tashi's school and hang out in pick up line way too long while baby gets restless and starts to whine. tashi jumps into car and makes both tristan and i smile. run errands, hang out at a cafe, visit a thrift store or drive straight home. if lucky, follow horses.

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