Tuesday, September 01, 2009

self portrait: tuesday

for lack of anything else, a picnik polaroid.

things that are new this week:

* tashi is a sixth grader. do you remember being a sixth grader? i do. i won't go into all the "new" things i tried as a sixth grader. suffice it to say my daughter is well adjusted and far wiser.

* i am 42. that is 31 years older than i was when in sixth grade.

* tristan has found his giggle. especially when i say, "kaboom!"

* suddenly, it is autumnal. sweaters in the morning. pj's with footies for the baby. leaves beginning to yellow. a certain crisp in the air that is unique only to autumn.

* dan gave me an external hard drive for my birthday. that means i can continue to download photos without being warned that i no longer have disk space. that means i can put music back on to my i-tunes. that means i can empty the contents of my flip camera onto my laptop. thank you awesome techno hubster.

* i have a new hair cut. i think it must be a foot shorter. i have layers for the first time since. . . i was a teenager.

happy new month to you!

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tifanie said...

great photo and list. i still need to learn how to put photos/videos on my external hard drive and take them off my computer! i am afraid, so i procrastinate. your hair looks great. i am craving shorter locks and layers as well. it is hot here. in the 80's, but there are still occasional signs of fall which thrill me. great post. happy month to you as well...