Monday, September 14, 2009

homemade monday: the five month mobile

i thought i would make this baby mobile for tristan in my last weeks of pregnancy. but then he arrived five weeks early. so instead of making a mobile in five weeks, i made it in five months.

it's not that it was particularly difficult or even time consuming. though sewing cloth yo-yo's does take some focus. at least for me it does.

i would sometimes sew five in a day. and then not touch it for five days. i would sometimes sew three in a day. and then not touch it for three weeks. i would sometimes sew just one. and then not touch it for a month. so at that pace, you can imagine why it took me as long as it did to sew 48 yo-yo's.

but on saturday i finished the final yo-yo. and on sunday morning i assembled the whole thing.

though not captured on camera, tristan has gazed at it with unprecedented pleasure. and tashi seems to think it's pretty cool too. there is nothing more rewarding.

the project is in the book, sweet booties. now to move onto the next thing. will it be the soft rattle? or the soft blocks? or the quilted bib? or. . .

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