Tuesday, October 13, 2009

homemade monday: patchwork not so pretty

as i was making this, i thought it was my first time constructing patchwork.

but i was wrong.

there was the patchwork sewing basket and the patchwork cat.

so i really don't have an excuse for how awful it looks. i will mention that i really don't have much fabric to choose from, especially when making something for a boy. i'm really not pleased with the color combinations of it. but it is what i have to show for homemade monday (tuesday).

the concept is in sweet booties, but i didn't have the bib template photocopied. so i used the template from bend the rules sewing, the one i always use. i was also supposed to use half inch double bias tape, but what i had on hand was more like a quarter inch.

anyhow, the next one will be beautiful, i'm certain. now onto making soft blocks, and the beginning of the holiday projects.

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