Thursday, October 15, 2009

thing thursday: what begins with s

this sweater is the thing, knitted by yia yia. isn't it lovely? it's soft, fits perfectly, is easy to pull on, has stripes, and arrived just in time for some dreadful weather. thanks mom! oh and, have ever you seen a more handsome baby?

sitting in the high chair
is also the thing, as is a bamboo spoon full of applesauce.

sister in a sling is the thing, even if a bit long. it is what i used to carry her in!

and i must admit, sitting is the thing. or almost sitting.

and finally, the surround is the thing. isn't it always?

sniffles have also been the thing, but it seems to be only sniffles, and nothing worse, for which we are grateful.

what sorts of things do you have on your plate?

1 comment:

glam.spoon said...

I love the baby *sweater* with two different colored *sleeves* ...