Friday, October 30, 2009

color week: brown

browns & blues together are a favorite combination. there is so much brown right now in the dying season. my mother always wore a lot of brown in my childhood. as now so do i. baby clothes in browns are oh so pleasing. brown eyes. brown hair.

one could go on and on with brown. the dirt the leaves. so much that adorns our household. brown rice. wood floors. wood furniture. walking sticks. trunks of the beloved trees.

ceramic insulator. shells of what once. pieces of a stem.

brown earth.

* thanks tifanie, for bringing the week into focus *

1 comment:

tifanie said...

these are gorgeous browns, zoe. thank you so much for sharing. that shot of the branch (pods?) on the ledge is breathtaking and that baby blanket on your cuddly son! mmmm. have a wonderful week. i hope you had a great halloween and weekend! xo