Sunday, October 04, 2009

sunday round up

the camellias are blooming

our neighbor horse (nickname: sparky) was moved to the closest pasture along our road. we like this because it is almost as if we have a horse pet. the grass is so good in that pasture that he ignored me when i came by with a bag full of apple slices .

autumn. yes autumn. i love it. yet it is so bittersweet.

yesterday i went to a nice baby shower. great food, friendly people, and an awesome mama to be.

also yesterday, tristan had his first meal of solid food. he has recently attempted to intercept our food and drink before it reaches our mouths. that, combined with the looks of extreme longing and envy he gives us when we eat, convinced me it was time to give him some tastes. i mooshed up a wee bit of banana and mixed a little breastmilk in. i think he was pleased, what do you think?

today i am feeling a little blue. i'm not sure why. could it be the seasonal change? talks of escalating war in afghanistan? too much flu, too many ticks? sadness for those who have lost babies? fatigue? the weekend concluding too soon? miserable dreams? my own babies growing too fast?

i can't quite pin point it. thus, i will bake. when feeling sad, make a coffee cake i say. onward. . .

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Suzanne said...

you inspire me, mama zoe!