Sunday, June 06, 2010

now & then

this weekend started off with a wonderful production of good masters! sweet ladies! by tashi's sixth grade class.

tashi played barbary the mud slinger, a feisty big sister of twins who threw a dung filled clod of dirt at the lord's daughter. it was amazing to hear her passionately deliver so many lines, including an impressive soliloquy on the plight of women in the middle ages.

tristan and another baby sibling in the class, taylor, played tashi's twin brothers. so very cute.

the sixth gradrs were fantastic. i think it is my favorite play in an impressive line of waldorf theaterics.

tashi's last week of school is upon us. summer is around the corner. we are trying to make things a little more friendly for tristan on the deck and on the ground, as he wants nothing more than to be outside all day long.

in between dramatic thunder storms, that is.

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megan said...

So cute! Love that last photo.