Saturday, June 12, 2010

school's out

this was a busy week of end of school activities. tashi's class went on a fabulous canoe & camping trip down the james river. they finished up long worked on projects, including these dolls made in handwork.

(tashi & rachel's dolls)

the middle school graduation was soon to follow. tashi's class has two years yet, but they played music at the ceremony.

then there was the final assembly, where all the classes presented songs & verse.

something old

something new

let the fun begin!

(scenes from the flash mob dance that erupted at fridays after five last night)

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tifanie said...

oh wow. those dolls! they're amazing! and what a beautiful ceremony. and how fun, the dancing! reminds me of a trip we took to sebastopol a few years back. i miss it. happy summer! :::