Monday, June 21, 2010

solstice daddy

yesterday we pulled ourselves up and out of our lair and spent the day in the blue ridge mountains. it was a great way to celebrate father’s day and the summer solstice. we visited humpback rocks visitor center for the first time this season, where we enjoyed some bluegrass music and a picnic. it was particularly fun watching tristan explore the little log cabin. we think he wanted to move in.

in the late afternoon we dropped down to sherando lake for a swim. it was tristan’s first time in a lake and we think he too is a water baby. he enjoyed being spun, bounced and lifted to the sky, and loved slapping his hands against the water's cool surface. he was also quite content sitting quietly at the edge of the water, schlopping sand between his fingers. tashi was ready to take him in over her own head, but we had to curb her enthusiasm a bit.

it was a fulfilling day for the four of us, concluding with ice cream cones and an over stimulated baby who didn’t go to sleep until 11pm.

as evidenced in the above photos, we had a lot to celebrate in dan, an incredible father and amazing co-parent. rarely do i see a father so engaged in having a joyous time with his children. he will play chase just about anywhere, attempt to toss his 12 year old in the air if she begs him, sing songs until midnight if his kids are refusing to sleep. he will also take over when ever asked if i am feeling achy, or broody, or overwhelmed. he can cook up some mean blackened catfish too.

i don’t always realize how incredibly lucky i am. but days of adventure, peace and sharing with my family are certainly a big reminder.

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