Saturday, June 12, 2010

on deck

as summer approaches i have been spending a lot of time outside on the deck with this little guy. there is nothing that can cure a cranky morning better than time outside.

water. snack. toys. sun. shade. no clothing. we're good to go!

any day now we will get a real toddler pool and move the fun to the ground. but the deck is mostly free of ticks, sharp stones and tasty acorns. our yard is full of trees, moss, wild grasses and patches of bare earth -- a wild zone -- nothing close to a well groomed lawn. this can have mixed results for a wee fellow still on all fours. as soon as he starts walking (any moment we think), the yard will definitely be the place.

in general we prefer wooden toys and toys made of natural or recycled materials. but there are a few exceptions. the deck is a good place for plastic toys. i have a storage tub outside that i stash them all in for easy access. i also have a soft spot for older and vintage plastic toys. i found this cute set at a neighbor's yard sale.

tristan can fill the little tubs with twigs and stones and grass. he can spend minutes at a time occupying himself with the spinners and squeakers and shakers that are built into the bottom of the tubs. he can stack them. and knock them over, of course.

oh and, no batteries required!!

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