Tuesday, March 29, 2011

handmade tuesday

i seem to have distanced myself a bit from sewing in the post holiday funk of january and february. there was a patchwork curtain and some fleece yoga pants for tristan, but i think that is about it. as we transition into spring (which is a one step forward two steps backward transition for sure), i am feeling the urge to create. so little by little i am making this and that.

i recently made an apron for a co-worker's daughter. it is just like the very first apron i made in december. here it is marvelously photographed in my car, where the light was really weird.

i didn't manage to make tristan any gifts for his second birthday, though tashi did. she made him this super cute bird.

and i did manage to make a garland for his party. i want to make more and more!

today i knew i didn't have much time left in his nap, and decided a few bibs were all i could squeeze in. tristan is short on bibs these days. the fabrics are not anything i would necessarily pick out to buy, they came to me in a pile of fabrics and craft supplies i acquired through freecycle.

i used to have theme days for the blog. i think i will reinstate a day to share handmade wonders, whether they be simple meals or extensive sewing projects.

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