Thursday, March 31, 2011

thing thursday

i made a quick stop at the thrift store today before taking tristan to the library. aside from the melt down he had because i wouldn't let him hold the glass car that contained cologne, it seems like it was a successful mission. my main focus was on finding tashi some more light cotton blouses for summer bug weather. but i can't just look for one thing when i'm at a thrift store. focus is simply not possible.

i found an awesome big richard scarry picture book in german! dan speaks a decent bit of german and tashi is learning it at waldorf school. so inevitably the german language will be part of tristan's life too. but this is a great book for anyone hoping to learn some german vocabulary. it covers everything: household items, foods, animals, musical instruments, flowers, birds, every possible vehicle, numbers, the body, and so on. it will be entertaining hearing dan read it in his most exaggerated german accent.

i also found a pretty cool book about the moon.

i acquired a couple of sweet cups that probably should be filled with something topped with whip cream & chocolate bits.

and finally, a few pillow cases. the possibility of more fabulous bed linens lay before me in a big heap, but i really didn't have the patience to dig through the tangled mass that filled the huge bin. i really wish this particular shop had a better way to sell the linens. but every once in a while there are a few decent things at the top of the pile.

here is tristan who has been insisting on wearing one of my gloves all day.

and this is what we had for dinner last night, tamale pie. yum!


Wendy said...

One of my favorite books from childhood was a Richard Scary book that labeled everything in German, English and French. Great score!

Britt Bravo said...

Zoe ~ That Richard Scary book was my favorite growing up. I'm reading it right now with my "reading partner" at Piedmont Elementary, where I volunteer.

megan said...

Ooooh! I love everything that you got!