Friday, March 25, 2011

the spring has sprung

for the rest of my life i will probably remember march 25th as the day my water broke.

it was a little bit hollywood, climbing out of bed around 6:30am and having a sudden gush hit the floor, followed by, "daaaaan, i think my water broke!"

it was five weeks before my due date, so a big surprise for sure.

with tashi, my water didn't break until i was in transition, and we think my midwife gave it a little poke when she was checking me. with tristan, my labor didn't begin until almost 20 hours after my water broke. and it was a fantastic natural labor, a vaginal birth after cesarean, delivering a healthy six pound baby boy into my arms five weeks early.

and though his birthday isn't officially until tomorrow, today is my day to remember the journey that brought this remarkable boy into our lives.

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Valerie 007 said...

Beautiful boy, memories, and pics