Tuesday, February 21, 2012

cozy snowzy

on sunday we had our first (and most likely last) significant snowfall of the season, which made for a snuggly night and a playful morning.

i pulled out an old candle kit of tashi's. it has sheets of colored beeswax that you roll up or cut out. tristan and i had a very nice time making a few small candles. the wonders of crafting are upon my toddler.

this morning i made him this little marble maze. i found the link to a tutorial on the crafty crow.

i am trying to bring more rhythm and focus to our days, more crafts, and as spring approaches (with a small snowstorm in the mix), more of the great outdoors. it is hard not to steal a little time for myself here and there (to blog, for instance), but i think i am trying to secure a place of balance, and that we are getting there.

this thursday we are meeting with a waldorf based outdoor playgroup. we're so excited.

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