Wednesday, February 29, 2012

creating & cooking

i forgot to mention that over the weekend tristan and i attended an awesome once a year event, family art day at 2nd street gallery. tristan had such a good time, painting and pasting and eating the snacks. the theme was animals, based on the exhibit of an impressive artist named laura ball. i loved her detailed watercolors of animals and women, many of the women pregnant or knitting or clearly maternal. check her out!

here are some pics from our day at the gallery:

and what's a day at the gallery without a caricature?

cooking has been big around here lately. these are the tasty muffins i've been making from left over oatmeal. the recipe is here, and i add about 1 tsp of vanilla and 1/4 cup of cranberries. they are simple but very satisfying and not overly sweet.

tonight i made thess delicious lentil meatballs, a recipe i found via pinterest. oh so good with the lemony basil pesto.

i have been finding so many good recipes and crafts and tutorials through pinterest. it's an excellent tool but yet another online destination where i find myself spending just a little bit too much time!

tristan and i made this hand print wreath today. i put together most of it, frankly. i thought he'd want to apply the glue but he was too busy dropping rocks into flower vase full of water (important stuff, you know). in the end he felt really involved in the craft as it was his hand that i traced afterall!

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