Thursday, February 02, 2012

pools of light

it was raining when we woke up. and then the sun.

poor tashi has been up and down with a cold for a few weeks now. she stayed home today. we had some good laughs as i tried to teach her how to use a neti pot.

it's been two months since my uncle dimas passed. tristan sometimes asks for the river song, a video of my uncle's amazonian waterline photos set to amazing tribal music. he is absolutely mesmerized by it.

this is a wet on wet watercolor that tashi made four or five years ago. i love it.

and this is light on the wall above my bed.

happy imbolc everyone. we talked about it today, read some stories, had a lovely dinner. but i think we will save the fire and the river and the candles and the tarot readings for the weekend.

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