Wednesday, October 31, 2012

october turning

oh, october. 

it began with a house full of fantastic guests and the blessing of his holiness upon us. autumnal activities unfolded under crisp skies: apple picking, pumpkin boats, leaf peeping, pumpkin carving, apple prints, costume collecting, soccer games, hurricane, apple pie. somewhere in there bruce springsteen gave a free acoustic concert in downtown charlottesville to rally for obama. 

an october of surprises. 

as we spiral into samhain, and a reflection of our beloved dead, i am so grateful for the wonderful community of mamas, babies, friends, and family i have bringing so much life to my days. i feel greatly honored to be living in this beautiful oasis between the blue ridge and the piedmont.

yet while a bounty of light and hope exist, the haunted cloud of politics, and of a universe terribly off balance, settle on my shoulder like dark birds.  

are superstorms our new world reality? my heart goes out to the people suffering loss and devastation in the wake of hurricane sandy.

our twenty hour loss of electricity and water gave us necessary pause, an intimate moment to feel rattled by the depth and fury of the storm. but we were completely spared of personal hardship and any strong physical sense of the brutality of it all. the electricity returned just when i began to feel concern about the food in our fridge. imagine the house that holds your fridge being completely gutted by one big wave. 

the imprint of samsara is upon us. we uncoil in one big wave of suffering and celebration. 

thus we continue. 


Anonymous said...

Zoe, that was a beautifully profound post. The pictures and the poetry are simply wise. I think you captured all that's going on in a lovely and concise manner. Absolutely perfect.

zoe krylova said...

thanks so much elizabeth!