Tuesday, October 09, 2012

kitchen creations: edible acorns

tashi was determined this year to cook up some acorns. she compared various instructions that she found online, and decided this impressed her the most. and so she got to work. she collected the acorns. separated the nuts from the caps. soaked them. cracked them with a hammer to extract the meat. and then boiled and boiled and boiled them until the water was (almost) clear. and then she baked them, salted them, and we all tried them.

like i said, she boiled them until the water was (almost) clear. it was time for bed after all! they definitely tasted a bit astringent. compelling, but only a little. tristan kept talking about how they looked like coffee beans. he seemed to like them the most. perhaps he thought he was eating forbidden fruit. there are still about a cup's worth of acorns in the bowl. i'm wondering if we should grind them and bake something with acorn meal.

what impressed me the most was tashi's determination to do this thing. i have to admit, i wasn't the most encouraging. it just seemed like a whole lot of bother for a potentially disappointing outcome. but that's not the point is it? the point is that she was curious, determined, unstoppable, and totally independent. and now we know how to process acorns. goodness knows we have enough of them around here.

perhaps this is just another early step in survivalist school. may she lead the way!

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