Wednesday, October 03, 2012

sew inclined: b is for baby, blue, and blanket

the first three blankets i made this season will probably go to girls, as they all contain a lot of pink, and we all know the traditional view of pink and blue. so i thought that i should make the next three gender neutral at least. 

this is a favorite fabric of mine. i've made several blankets from this retro-ish atomic snowflake print.

what is it about owls anyway? they are almost always irresistible. this is a soft flannel with chenille backing.

and this fabric i found at a funky little fabric store in charlottesville, mr. hank's. i didn't intend for it to seem halloween-ish. but 'tis the season, eh? though some little being must love wizards, owls, frogs, stars, and moons, regardless the time of year, right?

speaking of pink, my boy is fond of it. and he inherited his sister's dress up basket. how did the gender classification of color ever begin, anyway?

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song of the selkie said...

oh this spot does a weary heart such good zoe!! i am so hoping i will be able to say DIBS on any one of these lovlies soon if not for me then maybe for claudia, my younger sis! big hugs to you for sharing the life journal ~ the trike pics absolutely send me <3.