Sunday, October 14, 2012

house of music part II

in addition to our tibetan guests, some friends and family joined the stage at the southern the night before the Dalai Lama's talks. mia is the daughter of michael, my husband's good friend from milwaukee. her incredible voice is a soothing tea to the soul! and her smile will light the world. i do hope mia's musical career takes her far. she is a senior in high school and already so accomplished. 

and what is sweeter than papa joining daughter on stage?

please watch mia's home video to get a taste of her delicious vocals!

dan's brother tom came all the way from portland to join the festivities.

the music carried on at home, as did the spirits. 
there was even a memorable version of kung fu fighting.

have you ever had rhubarb elderberry pear cider? if not, you should!

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