Sunday, May 05, 2013

charlottesville blooms in spring

i am always really proud to show off charlottesville to visiting friends and family. 
we had the opportunity to do that yesterday. 
farmer's market day often guarantees a lively downtown scene. 
i was also recently gifted with a new zoom lens that i took these photos with.

the farmer's market often features great acoustic music

this area is home to some awesome producers of kombucha. nugget's and barefoot 
are two favorites. i love the stuff and would like to try making my own sometime.

the farmer's market is the best place to find free range, organic, grass fed meat.

dumplings are a new feature at the market. 
we tried some out and they were terrific.


whisper hill is one of my favorite produce farms. i picked up some tomato plants 
yesterday and put them in the ground right away when we got home. i also scooped 
a bucket full of compost out of our bin which was really satisfying!

strawberries already!

steadfast is another one of my favorite farms, producers of organic grains, beans, and beef.
it's also owned by friends and there is nothing more satisfying than buying 
local, organic food produced by friends!



another favorite, and very close to home

rest break!

and then off to the downtown pedestrian mall. . .

you never know who or what you'll see there!

there are some great views from the parking garage too!

charlottesville blooms in spring!

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