Wednesday, May 29, 2013

slipping into summer

it's been a topsy turvy time. schedules are altered, logistics are challenged, coughs still linger, and summer is approaching like a steam train. all the while cicadas are filling our forest with their siren song which is absolutely stunning in its volume.

i haven't much to share at the moment. trying to formulate my summer goals which include going through every room in the house with a fine toothed comb and purging stuff. i feel like we are at max capacity and there is just so much accumulation, in the garage, in the bathroom drawers, in the game closet, in the crawl spaces, in baskets, on the book shelves, in each room. tashi has been interested in switching bedrooms, and tristan recently requested his own room (his bed has been set up in ours), so the time has come for a big switch-a-roo. the question is how to find the time, and energy, to make it all happen.

speaking of topsy turvy, i baked this very fun rigatoni cake the other day. i snapped a couple of quick shots on our kitchen counter, and then carried it over to the table on a cutting board, remarking at what a wonder it was to behold, when it slid right off of the cutting board and onto the floor. luckily it remained mostly on the base of its springform pan, with only an edge touching the floor and the wall. it remained round-ish and there really was only one visible dust bunny clinging to it. it was delicious and odd; i highly recommend it (without the spill).

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