Thursday, May 30, 2013

climbing out of the sinkhole into the cicada sun

a negative sinkhole was developing today with my four year old hurling a torrent of unsavory phrases at me. this is nothing new, and sometimes it can be quite a challenge to rise to the occasion and redirect things. but once i do manage to redirect things, his sweet heart usually opens, and there is no end to the hugs, enthusiasm, and terms of endearment.

snacks help, especially when served outside. there were a few of his favorite things: blueberries, mango, and goat cheese. and a few of my favorite things: goat cheese, garlic scape pesto, hummus, and olives. a loaf of french bread from the bread machine rounded it out. 

have you tried garlic scape pesto? some dear friends gave me a sack full of scapes from their garden recently, and i've been making batch after batch from the recipe at the bottom of this link
served with a refreshing glass of nettles infusion = wellness!

sometimes when there is a lot of negativity coming out of the small one, it is really difficult for me to want to play with him. i know that probably i just have to get over that, but some sort of craft or cooking project is often a good middle ground. 

today we made sun prints. we collected blossoms, leaves, cicada wings, stems, and toys! 
arrangements were made and sun prints were developed. and there was a much rejoicing. 

then dad came home and they set out for an adventure while i made dinner. phew!

all of our outdoor activity at home lately has unfolded before the cicada symphony. nothing like real life catches the height of volume these critters have reached the last few days. the buzz is amplified!

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