Monday, May 13, 2013

i am my mother's daughter and my daughter's mother. . .

the best kind of mother's day is one where you've been granted the opportunity to sleep in,
only to awaken to the savory scents of a fully prepared breakfast. 
and what a breakfast it was! popovers & jam, prepared by tashi. 
eggs, potatoes, sausage, coffee, juice. so much food that we skipped lunch.

and there were homemade cards!
with chocolate and gifts!
and flowers!

followed by an absolutely amazing talavya tabla performance. 
if these guys ever come your way, do yourselves a favor and check them out!


the performance also provided an opportunity to walk inside the new common ground healing arts center in the renovated jefferson school city center, a quite lovely building.

followed by a stroll on the mall where i indulged in one of my favorite activities, photo taking

it was a fine day, concluding with a dinner of the left over pastitsio i made saturday. 
and call the midwife. and a game of dan's vintage version of lord of the rings.

 i leave you with some images of my own gorgeous mother through the years. when i was a child, she was the most beautiful and most mysterious woman i had ever encountered. she lives far from me now, a distance which phone and skype really can't bridge. if we lived close, we probably would have shared in a picnic today, a favorite activity of hers. 

i love you mom, and hope that we have many picnics yet to come.  
thank you for making me the mother that i am today.



Gwendolyn Roberts said...

I kept thinking yesterday at the concert that Tristan totally had it right - moving, grooving, thrashing, hugging, resting... the music inspired all those things! Your documentation of the day is so rich and beautiful.

zoe krylova said...

yes, he was busy wasn't he? at least he was (mostly) quiet! i hope you had a lovely day. thanks for the kind words!

Frances & Ella said...

I love reading your blog...the pictures of your mother are beautiful; she certainly raised a talented woman.