Tuesday, December 24, 2013

gratitude day 7: family

well it does kind of go without saying, doesn't it? i thought i would avoid the obvious, but really, if you mention gratitude for your slippers, and then leave family out, there is something lacking!

my extended family is spread far and wide, but i am of course very grateful for them. family in cyprus, greece, england, france, florida, michigan, new york city, washington state, california. in-laws also spread across the country, from the east coast to the west. and i'm incredibly grateful my mother has moved nearby. it adds another great dimension to our lives to have her close.

but tristan, dan, and tashi are the ones that put up with me on a daily basis. my moods, my flakiness, my distraction, my anxiety, my silliness, my enthusiasm, my pickiness, and my love. and they are the ones who get me through my days with their help, their humor, their wisdom, their creative spirits, and the brilliant light that emanates from each of them. 

really, i can't believe how fortunate i am.

so at this time of year that is so joyous and so difficult for many, i feel thankful that there is mostly joy to go around here. my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones, or are lonely and despairing. may you find connection in community, the trees, a creative outlet, your job, travel, literature, meditation, great film, the night sky, a garden, a pet, the light that shines through your window for a longer spell each day.

do (safely) light a candle and focus your intention on that flame, 
may fulfillment blaze through your life in the coming year.

Bright Solstice, Beautiful Christmas, and Bountiful New Year to All! 

I am grateful to you as well, for reading, and for 
bringing your own very special light to this planet!

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