Thursday, December 01, 2016

december songs 1

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this week just blows. do you not agree? seriously, on so many fronts—personal, political, and just incidental, it's a week of crap.

i am however, a grateful person. perhaps i haven't always been, but as i grow, so does my gratitude. i try to let the light lead me. i do try. beauty is everywhere. emotion, even difficult, is preferable to numbness. and life. the life cycle. serendipity. coincidence. trials. fate. it is an amazing mystery.

december has arrived and midwinter approaches. the promise of new life lies ahead while all around is the crush of dead leaves. samsara. the rule of three. consequences. karma. 

the spindle thin trees dance while a sunset lifts its sexy blanket. night is clear as cut glass full of glimmer.

i wasn't going to write this long intro, but this evening i stepped under a magic sky with the dog skye, and was moved.

we both wanted to bask in it, the every star that is somehow showing. venus, so big and bright and tantalizing, and the orange moon, a tea cup, a hint of its whole round self dipping in, like a lit up ginger snap.

filaments of starlight have the power to pull at your deep seas. i felt a lot of feels under that sky. in just five minutes one can drown and emerge with glowing hair. all this to say that, when life blows, there is always the sky, especially tonight's sky. it is so very hard to believe that such cruelty could exist under such spectacular beacons. 

but what i really came here to say is that because it all blows so much these days. and because there is just the worst possible news around every corner, i need to find something that speaks to my heart. something cathartic. and i think it's music. better yet, music with a visual component. 

i am making it a goal this december to find a video a day that just says it. maybe it is bitter, hopeful, tragic, or celebratory. maybe it inspires. i do hope that some of you may also find it cathartic. let me know... (oh, and no way will each entry have a long intro!)

the first december song is by mutual benefit, and it is called getting gone. lyrics follow.

Out from the sleeping bag
Another day to be had
And it almost feels like new
But I was dreaming of you

And now we're back on the road
Another season of shows
Until every thought is gone
And we're just rolling along

And I forgot how to feel
Every sight is surreal
If there's one thing that I know
It's that all good times go
And the hard times too

And the life that we had
Is the dream of my youth
It was too good to be true
And the highway stretches on
I just want to get gone

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