Friday, December 09, 2016

december songs 9

because it all blows so much these days. and because there is just the worst possible news around every corner, i need to find something that speaks to my heart. something cathartic. and i think it's music. better yet, music with a visual component.  

i am making it a goal this december to find a video a day that just says it. maybe it is bitter, hopeful, tragic, or celebratory. maybe it inspires. i do hope that some of you may also find it cathartic. let me know... 

this is the original december songs post, if you want more back story.  

december song 9 is by ween, and it is called transdermal celebration. this is must see animation by disney animator, adam phillips. perfect post-apocalyptia. i like all kinds of music, be it folky, psychedelic, ethnic, ethereal. but i also like to rock. i love ween because they are capable of doing so very many things. and they rock. lyrics follow. 

Transdermal celebration
Caused a slight mutation
In the rift
It toppled down a nation
And left the people running for the hills
But the mutants that I see
Shine their beauty unto me
I wish you could see them

Tectonic tribulation
Formed a crust of green beyond the reef
Waves fell in formation
Cause the plants to bend with spiked leaves
I'm growing with the land
Time has taken my hands and let me touch them

Hey, hey
A billion miles to Mark A
Lay on the lawn, he's already home
When the morning ray hits his face

Transdermal celebration
Jets flew in formation
I could see them
Dropping their crustaceans
Leaving trails of flames in their wake
But where is the mutation
That once told me it was safe, I can't find him

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