Friday, December 02, 2016

december songs 2

i am making it a goal this december to find a video a day that just says it. maybe it is bitter, hopeful, tragic, or celebratory. maybe it inspires. i do hope that some of you may also find it cathartic. let me know...

december song 2 is by sigur ros, and it is called glosoli. it is challenging for me to pick just one sigur ros video, as they are all so artful. this is a favorite song of tristan's. he used to ask me to play elf music in the car, and specifically the song that rocked out. glósóli is it! lyrics follow.

Nú vaknar þú
allt virðist vera breytt
ég gægist út
en er svo ekki neitt

úr-skóna finn svo
á náttfötum hún
í draumi fann svo
ég hékk á koðnun?

með sólinni er hún
og er hún, inni hér

en hvar ert þú....

legg upp í göngu
og tölti götuna
sé ekk(ert) út
og nota stjörnurnar
sit(ur) endalaust hún
og klifrar svo út.

Glósóli-leg hún
komdu út

mig vaknar draum-haf
mitt hjartað, slá
úfið hár.

Sturlun við fjar-óð
sem skyldu-skrá.

og hér ert þú

fannst mér.....

og hér ert þú



Glowing Sun

Now that you’re awake
Everything seems different
I look around
But there’s nothing at all

Put on my shoes,
I then find that
She is still in her pyjamas
Then found in a dream
I’m hung by (an) anticlimax

She is with the sun
And it’s out here

But where are you…
Go on a journey
And roam the streets
Can’t see the way out
And so use the stars
She sits for eternity
And then climbs out
She’s the glowing sun
So come out I awake from a nightmare
My heart is beating
Out of control…

I’ve become so used to this craziness
That it’s now compulsory
And here you are…
I’m feeling…
And here you are, Glowing sun…
And here you are, Glowing sun…
And here you are, Glowing sun…
And here you are…

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