Saturday, January 20, 2007

Antro II by Hedda Sterne 1949

this week did not begin well, i must say. on tuesday evening i felt a bad cold coming on. despite it, i went to work wednesday through friday, because i was signed up for a training and had already canceled out on the one offered in december. i got sicker through the week, with things peaking on thursday evening when i writhed in bed all night with a fever and a sinus headache and muscle aches and a sore throat.

today i am feeling like i'm on the other side of things, still coughing and still with sore throat, but more energetic. as dan said, i'm no longer groaning.

i think going to the family artjam at the uva art museum helped a lot. even though i woke up thinking a i didn't have the energy for it, i felt much better (and happier) after we took part in it.

artjam is something the uva art museum is offering once a month, january through april, where parents can come in with their kids, have a bit of guided tour through the exhibit at hand, and then create artwork based on what they have learned.

today we checked out the art of hedda sterne. i'd never heard of her but was impressed with her surreal, mostly abstract, style. we worked with shapes, and the line. while i was making my drawing, the woman leading the session asked me if i was an artist. that gave my ego a little boost for the day.

dan, tashi and i were all inspired and uplifted upon departure. we have some pretty cool pastel drawings hanging in our stairwell, and are looking forward to the next artjam which will explore indian paintings and african art.

dan is at band practice now, and i'm going to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. hope you all are in better health than me!

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