Saturday, January 13, 2007

bright eyes

this is our girl cat, luna, sister to our boy cat, loki. luna was the runt of the litter and is just a little neurotic. she is shy and doesn't like to be picked up and sometimes runs when you try to pet her. but when she turns her love light on, she is the sweetest 'lil thing. her eyes are an incredible piercing aqua marine. she chatters a lot and digs hanging close when we read to tashi. she adores tashi most of all. loki is the alpha male and is constantly harassing luna. when he walks into a room, she departs. last night we saw luna stand her ground with loki like never before. she would appear out of nowhere and divebomb him from behind. and then at some point when he was sitting on the cat tower, she gave him a half dozen whaps with her open paw. he sat up looking dazed and astounded and then took a flying leap toward the other room. luna curled up on the cat tower pleased as punch, and we had to give her a round of applause. the girl is a survivor.

i am feeling better, though exhausted. there is nothing else.

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