Friday, January 26, 2007


last night after tashi was in bed i plopped down on the couch not feeling very energetic and said to myself, i have to create something to salvage this day. then i remembered the huge sketch pad dan gave me for christmas along with some charcoal crayons. i pulled it out and sketched him as he read a book on the couch. it's not very good, and i didn't even attempt the hand or much of the head. and there are some elements i added in that aren't really true to life like a star on his cardigan. but i was really happy while i was doing it. it's the process that counts, yes? it got me really excited about hopefully taking some art classes in the near future.

then i went off the deep end and started sketching layouts of pads i once inhabited. below is the first apartment i lived in buffalo, ny. what a nightmare that was. i lived above a waitress who hung out with speed freaks who stayed up all night and yelled a lot. her boyfriend and his buddies started harrassing me. they shoved pages from porno magazines under my door. threw eggs at my windows. piled trash on top of my car. and one day used duct tape to seal my door shut from the outside. i lived there for four months and then moved into a sweet apartment with karen before anyone attempted to rape or poison or shoot me. phew.

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