Tuesday, January 23, 2007

soap's on

recently i did a trade with poet extraordinaire, lisa jarnot. she sent me some of her soaps and i sent her some of my herbal tea blends. the rose soap with its pretty petals and beet juice colored pink is in our soap dish now. and we've got the lovelies pictured above to look forward to in the weeks to come: blackberry-rose soap and bela eucalyptus. i snuck them out of their wrappers just to show you, and then sealed them back up, because they are still curing. there is nothing better than luxuriating in an all natural home made lather. visit catskill organics now to check out lisa's sublime soap.


unaffiliated said...

i'm curious about leaving the soap sealed to cure. I always left mine unwrapped, to air and cure. I also thought that unwrapping store bought soap and letting it sit out for 6 months was helpful to make it last longer. Since you're doing the opposite, maybe there is different/new/better information?
When I make soap I leave it covered before I cut it, but I thought saponification ended a few weeks after you make it so at that point the drying process is what is important.
Just wondering, maybe it is about preserving essential oil smells? i don't use them in my soap, so it doesn't come into play. Is that the difference?

zoe krylova said...

i'm not sure about her process. she sent them to me wrapped in a layer of paper towel and then sealed with cling wrap. she may have just done this for shipping purposes. there was a little note on each soap that said the cure date. i assumed that meant i should keep them wrapped until the date, but it just may have meant, don't use until the date. it makes sense to air them, which is what she may do in her own home!