Sunday, May 13, 2007

i am her mother

early in the morning on mother's day, tashi said she would do what ever i wanted to do with the day. she said, "i'll even go shopping with you!" tashi often hates shopping. and she doesn't understand that much of my shopping is driven by necessity. but still, i thought i'd seize the moment!

and so after a lazy morning of collaging, and a delicious indian buffet lunch, we went to marshall's, hall of bargains. it was worth it just for this photo. it wasn't until tashi took the hat off that i saw it was priced at $84. goodness. so much for bargains.

we both scored a couple of flouncy summer dresses though. and lots of laughs.

the blessings of motherhood come in an infinite variety of forms: a clay pot created in secret and presented with pride, a flamboyant pink hat atop a priceless smile, a hand that fills mine on the lonely road, the tactile memory of nursing. . . and nursing. . . and nursing, a head on my shoulder as i read a fantastical story, the sweetest of all sleeping breaths, poems about horses and doves, the most unconditional of all loves.

i am eternally grateful.

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