Saturday, May 05, 2007

saturday figure drawing session

hooray for saturday, even if it's damp, cold and grey.

tashi and i visited the farmer's market bright and early, where i picked up some more seedlings, including organic basil. then we went to the bookstore to pick up a book for tashi's friend who is having a birthday party later. while at the bookstore we found a figure drawing kit on the sale rack, so we decided to buy it. when we got home we went right to work.

the birthday party will be an over night camp-out at a lake in the blue ridge. parents are invited too. so despite the crummy weather, we're going to gather up our gear and head out for a night of fun in the woods.

see you all tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

i remember doing these core of motion studies in school - they gave us big charcoal sticks and i was intrigued imagining they had come from a slow buring vine - i didn't think about them having to be curled, the teacher said follow the dynamic line of motion and you will give life to the wood figure...

amy noble

David said...

Hello Zoe - David Tarr here, you may remember me as a longhaired San Fran poet who went to LA and then Japan -- now we are practically neighbors again, I am in D.C. just finishing up law school and looking to go into asylum work. I couldn't find any contact info here, so if you read this post, drop me a line: Oh yes, I am also the dad of a complulsive drawing engine.