Saturday, May 26, 2007

nomad tent

(picture by Raul Gutierrez. check out his really excellent photo site)

i think we succeeded in building a slightly convincing black yak hair tibetan nomad tent!

burlap was used instead of actual yak wool. traditionally the tents are made with yak hair that has been woven by the women.

yak bones are sometimes used to secure the tent and/or bind it.

there is a central ridge pole, and flaps for doors. the hearth is the heart of the tent. women claim one side of the tent, and men, the other. meat is handled on the men's side only.

there is a smoke hole on the top. this hole also a window to the sky. it is said that some tibetan nomads fear a solid roof because it blocks the view of the sky.

the tent is usually comprised of two huge pieces of yak fiber, bound together in the center.

our little tent was created through improvisation. i was happy that we were able to pull off of the rectangular aspect by folding the corners in. tashi will make some adornments, including a miniature set of prayer flags.

tashi delek! please come in for some yak butter tea warmed on the hearth.

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